What Captain America Taught Me About Voice

I had an amazing time at the SCBWI Conference in Manchester last weekend. As well as being part of the team that brought the conference to the North, I also delivered my new voice workshop – What Captain America Taught Me About Voice – writing with superhero pow!

Photo Colleen Cailin Jones – Black Panther Image, Marvel Studios

As the writers out there will know, voice is a tricky concept to nail down and I have to admit I was a bit nervous speaking on this subject to an audience that included published authors who have been writing professionally for far longer than me.

Thankfully the hours – well OK more like weeks – I spent researching and preparing the session paid off and I have received some brilliant feedback. I’d love to now take the workshop out to other audiences, so if you are involved in commissioning events for writing conferences, festivals or other writing orgnisations and are interested in a fun practical session that demystifies voice please do get in touch via the contact page.

The content can also be adapted for older secondary school year groups, sixth form and universities. You’ll find more details of my experience working with these age groups here. Drop me a line to discuss!

The Session Blurb

Marie Basting learnt everything she knows about voice from Captain America. OK, that’s a lie but using words to dramatic effect is kind of the point of this workshop. We’ll start by briefly exploring what constitutes voice and how our language and structural choices influence tone and style. Having established the building blocks, we’ll dive into some practical exercises and yes there will be a chance to meet the Marvel Avengers as we explore how voice works at both a narrative and character level. If superheroes aren’t really your bag, that’s OK because Marie has a range of other tricks up the sleeve of her leotard as she shares her own writing process, leaving you with some top tips to ensure your writing voice has superhero POW!

Your voice session was awesome, Marie! I really enjoyed the references and feel like you made “voice” more understandable and accessible.
Colleen Cailin Jones, Regional Advisor SCBWI Ireland

A clever session on voice which made me really think about what it is and how to apply it fully within a manuscript. The exercises were helpful and enjoyable, and Marie is a natural presenter who put everyone at their ease.
Sue Wallman, author of Young Adult thrillers

Your session on voice was engaging, funny and thought-provoking. I have useful exercises to work through for all my new characters. Thanks for contributing to an amazing weekend!

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