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If you came here on purpose, you’ll already know that this is the place to find out more about me, Marie Basting, and my book Princess BMX. If you didn’t, and you have no idea what you’re doing here, the next bus doesn’t leave for an hour, so why not take a look around. You’ll find all my latest news, interviews, reviews, school resources and secrets I haven’t even told myself. And, please, no laughing at my webbed feet!


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PRINCESS BMX is Enchanted meets BMX! A funny debut for ages 7+ that brings the fairy tale bang up to date – get ready for some extreme adventurous fun! With black and white illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino, are you ready to be more BMX! 

BUY the Book  – Princess BMX is Published by Chicken House and is available from all good book stores –  read the first chapter and follow the links to order here.

IMG_5871-EditWhen Marie Basting was fifteen, she was told by a careers advisor that girls like her don’t become writers. For a long time, she believed this. But then something magical happened and Marie finally came to realise that girls like her can do anything they want.

Princess BMX is her debut novel.

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Evil aunties and fairy godfathers called Nigel combine with a streak of feisty rebellion to create a daft and delicious fantasy.
The Guardian

Ava’s hilarious adventure races along at breakneck speed while punctured with characterful illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino. Children will love Ava’s cheeky humour and her courage to be true to herself. A modern fairy-tale which is full of magic, friendship and bikes! Enchanted meets BMX.
South Wales Evening Post

This book is a fabulous mix of magic and the everyday.  A testament to friendship and believing in yourself.  A proper modern fairy-tale with a princess that is waaaaaaay more than a pink dress wearing puppet.  Ava is brave, fearless and fabulous and the story ends with the tantalising prospect of more to come.

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Recent Posts

Princess BMX Storytime

I’m starting to get the hang of this YouTube malarkey even if I do look like I’ve been tasered in every thumbnail. Here I am reading the opening to Princess BMX. Can you spot my ‘deliberate’ inside-outside mistake?

If you’ve enjoyed listening to this, Princess BMX is available via all good bookshops and some of the not so good ones.

You can order it online here:





Or better still why not give your local indie bookshop a call? Lots of them are posting out books for a small fee.

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