Trust me, the fairy tales have it so wrong. Dingy towers and wicked step-mums are the least of my worries: it’s the boredom that will kill me.

Honestly, apart from the endless supply of cupcakes, being a princess is pretty rubbish. I used to think about locking myself in a tower and throwing away the key. Thank the good goblin I discovered BMX. If it wasn’t for BMX, nothing would have changed …

PRINCESS BMX is Enchanted meets BMX! Follow Ava’s adventures as she travels from another world, finds her true talents in BMX and brings her brand-new powers back home. With black and white illustrations throughout by Flavia Sorrentino, young readers will delight in following Ava on her adventures with her dog, Jeb. Find out more about the amazing Flavia here.

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Princess BMX shreds it!!! A magic land, secret portals, fantastical pets and a feisty princess who fights evil and catches some serious air? Bring it! I LOVED keeping up with Princess Ava on her twister track rollercoaster ride through Biscotti and the Other World. I can’t wait to see what adventures she has next!!!
Mo O’Hara, New York Times Best Selling Author

You’ll find lots more information about Princess BMX and Marie Basting here in the Press Pack, including reviews, interviews and reflections on writing and the inspiration behind the book.