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My latest Middle Grade Novel My Family and Other Romans is available to pre-order now!  

About My Family and Other Romans

Silvia just wants to fit in. So, being catapulted back to Ancient Rome and finding out her mum is a war goddess is not part of the plan. As for the rest of the family – her sister is a cyclops, her uncle is building an army, and her role-play obsessed dad is now a lava soldier.

And to top it all, the Romans seem to think she’s some sort of chosen one – the fate of the world resting on her shoulders. Seriously, this is worse than double maths! Can Silvia embrace her differences and sort this mess out?

· A laugh-out-loud family caper full of excitement and heart.

· A time-travel adventure – with a LARPing twist

· Perfect for ages 8 and up

Cover art by the amazing Flavia Sorrentino!

Pre-Order My Family and Other Romans

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Princess BMX

A funny, action-packed tale of friendship and bikes, Princess BMX was listed by BookTrust and the Guardian in their ‘best new books’ category. Follow Ava’s adventures as she travels from another world, finds her true talents in BMX and brings her brand-new BMXing powers back home.

With black and white illustrations throughout by Flavia Sorrentino, young readers will delight in this fast-paced adventure that brings the fairytale bang up to date.

Trust me, the fairy tales have it so wrong. Dingy towers and wicked step-mums are the least of my worries: it’s the boredom that will kill me.

Honestly, apart from the endless supply of cupcakes, being a princess is pretty rubbish. I used to think about locking myself in a tower and throwing away the key. Thank the good goblin I discovered BMX. If it wasn’t for BMX, nothing would have changed …


Princess BMX is available from a variety of retailers online or on the high street. Follow the links below or order from your local indie bookseller. Find your local indie – here!

Buy Princess BMX at: Waterstones *** Amazon *** Foyles***Blackwells***


More irrepressible fun runs through Princess BMX […] Evil aunties and fairy godfathers called Nigel combine with a streak of feisty rebellion to create a daft and delicious fantasy.
The Guardian

And full-on fantasy as BMX-riding Princess Ava of the Kingdom of Biscotti launches herself into a series of hilarious adventures […] The laughs come thick and fast, the illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino are superb, and Jeb, Princess Ava’s little dog, often steals the show. Superb!
Books Monthly

Princess BMX is a bewitching, laugh-out-loud adventure, full of weird and wonderful creatures […] and with a bold, brave, rule-breaking heroine who proves girls step in where others fear to tread. So get in gear for the best royal story in London town!
Lancashire Post

Ava’s hilarious adventure races along at breakneck speed while punctured with characterful illustrations by Flavia Sorrentino. Children will love Ava’s cheeky humour and her courage to be true to herself. A modern fairy-tale which is full of magic, friendship and bikes! Enchanted meets BMX.
South Wales Evening Post

This book is a fabulous mix of magic and the everyday.  A testament to friendship and believing in yourself.  A proper modern fairy-tale with a princess that is waaaaaaay more than a pink dress wearing puppet.  Ava is brave, fearless and fabulous and the story ends with the tantalising prospect of more to come.

Joyful word building meets compelling storytelling in this fun and entertaining debut, a must for those who love to break the rules and challenge the status quo.
Book Lover Jo

This is a perfect book to empower girls to be who they want to be, learn what they are keen to learn and to be brave and curious! Avariella breaks the rules but she knows there is more to life than curtsying, cutting ribbons and smiling politely […] Oh my Curly candy, this is a brilliant book!
My Shelves Are Full

A hugely entertaining story about the “most radical princess since Leia”: it’s impossible not to love – and laugh out loud at – Princess BMX.
Madge Eekel Reviews

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You’ll find lots more information about Princess BMX and Marie Basting here in the Press Pack, including reviews, interviews and reflections on writing and the inspiration behind the book.